15 - Ch 1 Page 14

Ch 1 Page 14
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13th Nov 2019, 10:38 AM | edit | delete
Somehow I did this page in a day. I'm stunned.

But, we transition from one scene to the next -- transitions are always a struggle for me D:.

AND! I have SIX WHOLE PAGES OF BUFFER right now, do you know how fucking stoked I am about that?

Old readers will recognize the old pages (sorry), but still, I have six pages of buffer, I'm stoked. Fukken. Stoked.

What questions or thoughts do you have on the comic so far?


13th Nov 2019, 9:23 PM | edit Reply | Delete
Sweet landscapes, love your painterly (is that a word) style.

And PLEASE recycle the hell out of previously produced pages!